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Sponsored by Sony Group Corporation

Sony Group Corporation’s purpose is to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology. At Sony Hall, a multi-genre live venue located in the heart of New York City, both of these powers are brought together in a one-of-a-kind concert hall enhanced by Sony technology to provide music fans with an unrivaled entertainment experience.

In 1938, the space opened as the Diamond Horseshoe and quickly became one of the most iconic venues of the vaudeville era. Before opening as Sony Hall, it was the home for the Avant guard off-broadway hit Queen of the Night and today, many of the dynamic design and décor elements from both when it opened and that were added during its rich, storied history are still prominently visible throughout venue.

In March 2018, Sony Hall officially opened its doors with much of its original history and design still kept in-tact. The decision to leave the venue as is was one which Sony Group Corporation made without hesitation after they first stepped into the space. From the moment you enter, the rooms rich heritage can be felt throughout every corner of the room. So, to pay respect to the venue’s history and legacy, Sony Group Corporation retained its original design and incorporated the latest Sony technology, to make Sony Hall a truly special place where both creativity and technology seamlessly come to life.

Today, Sony strives to continue developing new technology for Sony Hall to establish the venue as a mecca of music to musicians and music lovers alike.

Sony’s Technology in Sony Hall

Sony Hall is equipped with Sony’s latest technologies throughout the venue to provide an enhanced entertainment experience.

360 Reality Audio

Sony’s proprietary spatial audio technology integrated within Sony Hall was developed to create immersive music experience. The system uses approximately 30 speakers allocated to the hall to realize the music experience where the performance of the artists, orchestras, and/or a band actually surrounds the audiences. Sony Hall is the first venue where the music fans enjoy Sony’s new and transformative music experience, 360 Reality Audio.

4K Remote Cameras

Sony’s 4K remote camera system is located throughout the venue and operated by an on-site video specialist. Each of the three cameras are positioned strategically to capture the best footage from multiple angles and all content/data from a live show (performance or b-roll) can be, upon request, provided for a variety of promotional needs.


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Venue Facts

Est. 2018  
Owned / Operated by Blue Note Entertainment Group
Located in the heart of Times Square
1,000 Standing / 500 Seated Capacity
Full Service Restaurant & Bar
12,000 Sq. Ft.